Stud Earrings

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Stud Earrings

Earrings are an essential accessory to perfect a look and enhance your face. However, there are so many models that we can quickly be confused when we are faced with such a choice. Opting for enamel stud earrings is a safe bet in this case. They are the perfect pop of colour and can be worn on any occasion. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right pair among the models we offer. Read More...

How to choose these stud earrings?

The choice of the perfect stud earrings depends on several criteria. You can consider the following information but at the end of the day pick a pair that you are drawn to , there are no rules! It is really about finding a colour which suits you, but you can have fun and have a few pair as options for different outfits.

Choose  a colour according to your skin tone

Skin tone  plays an important role in choosing a pair of stud earrings. Indeed, it will help you to choose  the right colour of enamel. Our stud earrings come in several colours. Just follow this guide to find the colour that suits you.

For fair skinned women

The colours that will enhance this type of skin tone are those that are soft or cool. Pastel coloured stud earrings such as lavender, pinky purple or blue will suit you perfectly.

For dark or matte skin

To highlight this type of skin tone, it is necessary to bring light to the face. Bright colours look great on  people with dark skin. Green, red, yellow or orange will suit you perfectly. You can also opt for stud earrings whose enamel design is pink, red  or purple.

How does Hair colour and Cut affect earring choice?

In addition to skin tone, hair colour is also an important element to consider when choosing earrings. Some hair colours suit some colours better than others. Let's start with blondes. Lots of colours look great with blonde hair , including blues, especially turquoise blue , our turquoise studs and Isabela studs look fabulous with blonde hair. Dark colours also great against blonde hair, black ( Naomi  studs ), Navy (Sansa studs )  and dark green (Melisandre studs ) all look very classy with blonde hair. For brunettes, pastel or white colours look great, for example our Leia Stud earrings have an ivory white background with a hint of ruby, and tones of blue & green, these suit most hair colours actually. Orange is the ideal colour for black hair, dark green also looks great with darker hair. Green, blue or purple will enhance redheads. Also worth considering when choosing earrings with your haircut or style. Stud earrings are a great universal earring to have in your collection as they can be worn whichever way you decide to style your hair. Stud earrings look great with hair that is tied up in pony tail or equally well on hair that is styled long or short. According to the clothes No matter what style you adopt on a daily basis, stud earrings will be your best friend. Indeed, this type of ear jewellery suits any look, whether you are chic, casual or both at the same time. They go perfectly with any type of clothing, but you have to know how to match their colours. With colourful clothes,  more subtle colours can work or a  contrasting colour can create an impactful look for example our  green stud earrings have a hint of red and orange and look great matched with a bright orange or red top. If you have an outfit is rather simple and neutral, you can let loose on the accessories, especially on the colour of the enamel of your stud earring and maybe even a matching silk scarf can really lift a plain outfit. Enjoy mixing and matching  colours, one or more pairs of studs will certainly be a great addition to brighten up your wardrobe.

According to the events

Stud earrings are all-purpose. It will fit with the rest of your outfit, no matter what event you attend. In fact, whether it's for a wedding (whether you're the bride or not), a party, a date or even just to go to work, you can always keep them. Our earrings are hypoallergenic and neat so are easy wear for any occasion.

How to care for stud earrings?

To preserve the beauty of your stud earrings, make sure you don't neglect the care of them. The first thing to do is not to leave them in contact with water for too long. Have the reflex to remove them as soon as you get home, before taking a shower or going to the beach. The way you store your jewellery is also important. Compartmentalizing each piece of jewellery will prevent scratches on your most beautiful pairs. It is also necessary to clean them regularly to keep their shine. For this, a solution made of baking soda and warm water, white vinegar or lemon will do the trick. This way, your jewellery will last much longer and you will be able to take it out daily or for special occasions.

Which stud earrings to offer as a gift ?

Indeed, stud earrings are an excellent gift to offer to a loved one. They are suitable for all types of people so you can find the pair that will make him happy. They are also hypoallergenic so suitable for people with sensitive ears. If you don't know your loved one's taste very well, we advise you to go for neutral models. However, if you are sure of the colour that suits them, give them this model. Our stud earrings have many tones of colour due to the enamelling process so they are easy to match up. We have a colour to suit everyone's taste.
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