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Meab Summer Tops for Women

 Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to get ready! Are you ready to welcome this sunny season? Have you already thought about your holiday outfits? If not, why not start by finding the perfect women’s tops for you?

We have a range of summer tops in our collection that are ideal for this time of year. These tops come in a variety of colours so you can change them to suit the occasion.


Our summer tops

The women’s top we offer is a beautiful tunic made from two superb materials: cotton and silk. The mix of these two textures works wonderfully to combine lightness, glamour and fashion.

These are also hardwearing fabrics that you can pull out for the coming summer. All you have to do is take care of it by washing  it in the machine with a delicate washing liquid. This top is also super easy to hand wash on holidays and dries very quickly.

It is available in several colours: blue, navy, and cream. The design on the cap sleeves of this top was first created using our ‘bespoke’ enamelling method, then printed on a luxurious silk  and cotton material.  This design includes tones of blue , turquoise, cream, pink, purple and cream.  This discreet but unique design and colours can be well matched with any of these colours in skirt, trousers or shorts depending on the occasion. This design feature also allows for great flexibility in accessories.

The combination of fabrics in this top allow for it be a versatile summer top. The front of the top contains  silk so it has a slight sheen which makes the top a little more dressy for evening wear or a special occasion. There silk combined with cotton allows for breathability, this top is also machine washable. The slight stretch in the fabric at the back part of the top makes it more comfortable to wear especially on warm summer days. The contour on the bust line and cap sleeve make it a flattering fit, available in small ( size 10-12 approx) , medium ( size 12-14 approx) & large ( size 14-16 approx ).

What colour to choose for your summer top ?

When we talk about the summer season, what comes to mind is the sun, the beach, and getting away with family, friends or lovers. Summer is also the right time to bring out our best tops for women. There are many colours to try during this season. Here, we will guide you to the ones that are most suitable for this period. We will advise you which colours are timeless and which ones are currently on trend.

Timeless colours

When talking about timeless colours, it is difficult not to mention the one that embodies it perfectly, namely white or cream. Indeed, these colours have always been used in our summer outfits. White/ Cream brings a touch of freshness while remaining neutral and glamorous, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

All shades of blue are also timeless summer colours. They remind us of the sea and the clear sky, which are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. You can even try to combine several shades of blue on the same top, as can be seen on the women’s top in our collection.

The combination of cream and blue is also a good idea for a timeless look. We all know the famous sailor’s jacket, which is still relevant today, even years after it first appeared.

What to wear a summer top with ?

This summer top can be worn with almost anything, whether it’s a skirt, shorts or trousers.  It is versatile and can be dressed up or down! It goes very well with denim, shorts or jeans. It matches particularly well with bright blue and white or cream.

Trending colours

Soft Lilac, Hot pick, Salted caramel, scarlet and sky blue are all on trend for summer spring. These are perfect colours to wear with a summer top. Blue and Cream are classic colours, these colours can be a staple in your summer wardrobe.

A skirt

All types of skirts can be worn with this summer top if you know the best way to combine them. It looks great with a long skirt, tuck your top inside the skirt to keep it light. The same goes for shorts or half-short flared skirts. And if you’re going for short denim or cotton skirts, you can wear your top as is or tuck it in as well. Mixing and matching different materials will give your outfit another dimension so have fun with this, a satin or silk skirt looks great with this top.


Shorts are a woman’s best friend in summer. They’re everywhere as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear. Shorts are also a good idea for a bottom to wear with a summer top. This is the easiest option, because you just have to take the two pieces and you’re done. It’s up to you whether you want to accentuate your look with accessories.


This summer top is perfect to put on with trousers, it looks great with all shades of blue denim . The top also looks great with dressier faux leather trousers or cotton chinos. For a dressier look tuck it in and accessorise with a belt.

Accessories that complement the colours of the top design

To complete your summer look, don’t forget to accessorise your top with some accessories. This will further enhance the patterns on your top. Here are a few ideas that can help you put your outfit together perfectly.

A silk scarf

A silk scarf is an all-purpose accessory. It is suitable for all occasions and can really accentuate your summer look. However you choose to wear it, whether it’s around your neck, wrist or waist, it will always enhance your figure and add a fresh look. We have the perfect match of this top in the cobalt blue silk neck scarf.

A silk scunchie or or headband

In summer, we’re used to tying our hair u so why not replace our usual scrunchies with silk ones. As well as being fashionable, silk will protect your hair from breakage. And what could be better than combining comfort, fashion and health? A silk scrunchie really does make a big difference to helping protect your hair from breakages . We have the perfect match to this top with our pink and blue silk scrunchies in the set of three Silk Scrunchies.

If you want to add some colour without tying your hair up you could choose one of our silk hair bands. This accessory can really make a difference to your look while still benefiting from the health benefits of silk on your scalp.


Jewellery is the perfect accessory for summer and our summer top collection. You can go for understated look with simple stud earringsOr you can choose a large drop earring for a more statement look.  Silver bracelets or Gold bracelets also make a great accessory these can be stacked on the wrist for a more dramatic look, also on trend is wearing silk hair scrunchies on your wrist for and extra pop of colour.

Silver and Gold pendants or necklaces look very well with the block colour on the neck line of this top.  Wearing a combination of plain silver or gold jewellery combined with any jewellery with tones of blue , turquoise , pink, white or cream would look great with this top. Have fun mixing the colours. From the Meab collection jewellery from the ‘ Wild Atlantic’ , Leia and Isabela collection all match very with their summer top collection.

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