Where it all started 

A little bit about Meab and where it all began.

  • – Meab always enjoyed travelling, even though it wasn’t as easy to do so in the 1960’s. On a visit to Copenhagen, she saw the process of ‘Open fire’ enameling. She was mesmerized by thecolours & decided to start her own journey with learning the craft.
  • -She came back to Ireland and used recycled copper water cylinders as a base metal and developed her own skills in enameling.
  • -Meab honed her enameling skills and won competitions for her work.
  • -She also had a busy family life and a brood of children to look after.
  • -The youngest of these children, Clair took a keen interest in the art and brought the jewellery to retailers all over Ireland and the next stage of Meab Enamels began.

Clair’s story


  • Clair spent many evenings as a child observing her Mother craft the jewellery in her workshop and as they had a very cold house, this was the warmest place to be!
  • Clair learned the skill of both crafting jewellery and selling from a young age. Her father was an auctioneer so sales was in the blood.
  • She started by driving around Ireland doing active market research, calling to shops and seeing where there was a niche in the market.
  • Luckily people really loved the colours, appreciated the unique crafting process and probably the enthusiasm that a young Clair brought to the brand and thankfully Meab Enamels has gone from strength to strength since then.
  • Clair extended the collection using the vibrant enamel colours with their popular Silk Scarf collection, tops, scrunchies and much more.

Charlie’s Story

  • Clair met Charlie when Meab Enamels was in its infancy and they have been together ever since.
  • For about the first ten years of their relationship, Charlie worked part time with Meab Enamels while also working primarily as a stone mason.
  • As Meab Enamels grew Charlie made the decision to come onboard full time and took over the mantle of firing the jewellery. Charlie has an eye for colour and an attention to detail which has helped the Meab jewellery collection to progress further along in its journey.
  • Charlie is passionate when it comes to creating the enamel jewellery that is now worn and enjoyed by people all over the world.

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Customers are lovin’ it

Beautiful pendant! Love the colors! Matches the earrings I bought in Ireland.

Perfect earrings for the spring and summer. Gorgeous colors!!

Stunning beautiful silk scarf with vibrant colours & made with perfection, presented in a beautiful lined case

Birthday gift to my Sister in Switzerland arrived the day before & She was delighted with beautiful jewellery.

The scarf is beautiful. The packaging is fabulous and the service is second to none. Well done and thank you.