Earrings are the perfect accessory. They can transform an outfit and can brighten up your day. Unique earrings can reflect our personality and complete an outfit.


They are the perfect gift, a woman can never have too many earrings! A gift of a unique pair of earrings will always be treasured.

Are you looking  to treat yourself or compliment an outfit for the perfect look? Why not choose our handcrafted enamel earrings? If you opt for our enamel earrings you are choosing something which is truly unique and crafted by hand with love for you. Here’s what you should know about these earring designs.

Why choose our drop earrings?

Jewellery, especially earrings, are the perfect accessory to complete a look. They can be worn with any outfit, whatever the occasion.

Our enamel drop earrings are special because they are made by hand. This gives them an extra touch of originality . They are available in different designs and tones of colours. There is a colour and design to match every skin tone & hair colour.

In addition, our drop earrings are crafted by hand using a bespoke ‘ Open Fired’  enamel  technique. We use high quality surgical steel for our findings. So although they are light weight and the colours are delicate they are hard wearing and will last the test of time.

How to take care of your drop earrings?

Taking care of your drop earrings is very easy. You just need to take some care and you’re all set.

First of all, here are some good habits that will help you preserve your drop earrings:

  • Remember to take them off when you go to bed, take a shower or go to the beach;
  • Take your earrings off first before your clothes so they don’t get caught on them.
  • Taking off your earrings first before your clothes so that they don’t get caught on your clothes will not only keep them in good condition, but will also prevent them from getting lost.
  • To clean, simply take soapy water, gently scrub your drop earrings and dry them immediately afterwards. You can also apply disinfectant if necessary.

Are our earrings a good choice as a gift?

The gift of jewellery has more meaning  that your average gift. For centuries the gift of jewellery has been recognised as something that is very special.  The gift of jewellery and earrings is a meaningful and practical gift.

We pride ourselves on making earrings that are truly unique to the wearer, hard wearing and affordable.  We also have a shape, design and colour to match every skin and hair colour. The colours make them versatile to wear with multiple outfits .

Earrings are also easy  to travel with or to send to your loved ones. They are the perfect gift!

People really appreciate the history behind the art used to create our earrings, enamelling is an ancient Irish craft.  There are only few people enamelling in Ireland. The gift of Meab earrings is something unique and special that the wearer can enjoy for a lifetime , and possibly pass on to the next generation.

We are very happy to include gift card, a special message  and gift bags as part of your purchase of our earrings. The personal touches make the gift even more memorable. Just mention this in the notes on purchase or contact us directly through the contact form.

What are our earrings made of?

All our earring designs are handcrafted in Ireland using a unique bespoke ‘ open firing ‘ process.  This process means the designs are created whilst the glass enamel is molten.  Although a pair of earrings will have the same colour combination, each earring has an original design.

They are truly unique to their wearer.  This process means that earrings often have several tones of colour which means they can be versatile to match different outfits.

All our ear wires are made from surgical steel, a hypoallergenic material. So anyone can wear our earrings, whether you have sensitive ears or not.

Are our earrings suitable for sensitive ears?

Yes, for most of our earrings collections we use surgical steel ear wires and posts. These are hypoallergenic and excellent for sensitive ears.  Also our earrings are lightweight,  the small drop earrings weigh approximately  2 grams each so are easy to wear all day long. This also helps those with sensitive ears.

How can I prevent my drop earrings from falling out?

Losing our favourite drop earrings can be a real source of anxiety. However, have no fear, as we have covered all eventualities so that you can wear them safely.

Firstly, each pair of earrings comes with a plastic stoppers  so you can’t lose them.

The surgical steel can also be twisted slightly to fit the earring to your ear. This way, there is no risk of sudden tearing. However, always be careful when removing your clothes.