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How to wear a scarf ?

The scarf is an accessory that easily adapts to all types of styles. It is an essential part of any wardrobe worthy of the name. Very versatile, it can be worn in different ways. Depending on how to wear a scarf, it can be classic, elegant, chic, refined or sophisticated.

How to wear a large scarf ?

The large scarf can be worn in many different ways. To keep it simple and elegant, you can wrap it several times around the neck, letting it hang down on each side. If it is square, fold the square in half to make a triangle. Then, fold down a few inches on the fold side and place the tip in front or behind by tying it.

How to wear a scarf as a top ?

The scarf as a top allows you to reinforce your seduction. To wear it, you can put on a two-piece swimsuit and tie the scarf behind your back. You can also tie it in front of your chest to emphasize it or around your waist.

How to wear a scarf with a coat ?

Usually with a coat, the scarf is worn around the neck. Choose a long scarf and tie it several times around the neck. For more elegance, prefer an oversized coat and narrower pants.

How to wear a silk scarf ?

For a casual chic look, you should tie your silk scarf around your neck like a tie. However, if you want to appear more sophisticated, you can tie it sideways or cowboy style.

How to wear a scarf in your hair?

There are dozens of ways to tie a scarf in your hair. You can tie it in a headband, a bandana or a headband. Much more fashionable nowadays, you can also wear your scarf in the African way.

How to wear a scarf around the neck?

For the classic and timeless side, the scarf around the neck is the ideal choice. At this level you can opt for a long scarf and wrap it around the neck or a square scarf that you will tie. You can tie it in a tie, stewardess style or with a square knot.

How to wear a scarf as a headband ?

Fold the scarf once into a triangle and then a second time to make a headband. Then place the scarf on the back of your head and tie a double knot in the back.

How to wear a scarf with a suit ?

With a suit, you have the option of wearing your scarf in a drape, reverse drape or around the neck. For the drape, you just drape the scarf over your shoulders so that it hangs on either side.

How to wear a scarf with a jacket ?

You can tie the scarf and place it in a pocket or wear the scarf as a man’s belt to show off your personality. For a rock style, you can tie the scarf on the wrist.

How to wear a scarf as a belt ?

You have a lot of choices. You can tie your scarf in the loops of the pants or tie it around the waist on a dress. This method will allow you to emphasize your silhouette.

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How to Wash a Silk Pillowcase

Irish Cream Silk Pillow Case

Now that you own a luxurious Meab Silk Pillowcase you will want to look after it with the best possible care. Silk pillowcases, Eye Masks and Scarves can look as good as the day you acquired them by following some careful steps.

How often to wash your silk pillowcase?

As with any item of clothing or sleep wear, it will get grubby over time and a silk pillowcase will gradually accumulate the skin care products you use along with dead skin and bacteria. It is recommended that you wash your silk pillowcase weekly. It may be necessary to wash your pillowcase more often if you suffer from skin conditions such as acne or if you have a cough or cold.

Hand washing silk or machine wash?

We would recommend that you hand wash your silk pillowcase but it is also fine to use a washing machine. Make sure that you use the most delicate wash setting at no higher than 30 degrees C on your machine and with the shortest spin cycle. Place your silk item into a mesh wash bag as this will protect it from snagging on the drum or from getting caught on zippers or clasps.

When hand washing, place your silk pillowcase into a basin or sink of cold or lukewarm water. Add a small amount of gentle detergent. Chose a detergent that is specialized for silk with a neutral pH. Strong detergents will harm the natural silk fibres and cause the silk to look old and feel hard. Allow to soak for about five minutes before gently agitating the water. Then rinse your silk pillowcase in cold water but be careful not to wring or twist the silk as this will distort the fibres and cause the item to lose its shape.

Tip: When rinsing your silk add some distilled white vinegar to the water. This will help remove all the detergent and maintain the silks sheen. Then repeat the rinse in clean cool water again.

Choose the correct detergent
Be careful to choose the correct detergent for washing silk

How to dry a silk pillowcase?

The kindest and most careful way to dry silk is to firstly lay the item down flat on a clean white towel. The towel will soak up most of the excess water. As mentioned above, never wring or twist silk as this will damage the fibres causing it to wrinkle and lose its shape.

Hang your silk to air dry on a line or drying rack. Never hang your silk in direct sunlight or close to any heat source. The direct sunlight can cause colours to fade. Try to avoid tumble dryers but if you are really in a hurry then use on the lowest heat cycle and remove the silk while it is still damp and finish the drying process on a line or rack.

It is important to be aware of the risk to your silk from using wooden drying racks or wooden clothes pegs. The dye from wood can be absorbed causing discolouration and clothes pegs can mark and compress your silk.

Can I iron silk?

Yes you absolutely can iron silk. There are a couple of simple precautions that you should be aware of. Turn the item inside out. Always use the lowest heat setting on your iron. A lot of irons will have a silk setting for you to choose. You must place a clean white cotton cloth between the iron and the silk to prevent scorching. Be careful when using steam as this can cause water marks to appear on some silk fabrics.

Can I iron silk?
Can I iron silk?

How to store silk pillowcases?

Rolling a pillow case is the best way to avoid sharp creases forming. Otherwise try creating soft folds thereby protecting the silk fibres and place gently on the shelf. Avoid crushing by other items and store your silk away from direct sunlight.

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A Silk Story

A silk story. Meab silk pillow case and eye cover.
A silk story. Meab silk pillow case and eye cover

This is a Silk Story..
The oldest silk item is estimated to be 6000-7000 years old. This piece is a small ivory cup with a silkworm image on it found in China. It seems the Chinese kept the secret of silk to themselves for over 3000 years. Silk was worn by royalty and used as a currency. For hundreds of years the Chinese tried to keep their silk production a secret but it eventually got out and the famous “Silk Road” derives its name from the lucrative trade carried out along it.

Silk & Colour
The natural colour of silk is white which is a result of the Mulberry leaves from which the silk worm feeds upon. Originally in China, natural dyes from Jinzi fruits and Ochre were used to dye silk. Stunning Cobalt blue dye was created sintering cobalt oxide with Aluminium oxide. This colour was also used in ancient porcelain and continues to be as popular today. The use of vibrant colours on silk has always been an important part of its history. Historically, colours on garments represented the five elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The representation of colour on silk has always been an extremely important part of Asian culture and history. For example, the colour yellow was thought to represent the earth and created a stabilizing energy. Green represented calming, healing and self assurance. Although we don’t have the same direct association with colour today, there is definitely a growing trend to add vibrant colours to an outfit in both winter and summer. A silk scarf can be the perfect way to enhance our attire and add colour.

Benefits of Silk
Not only does the tradition of using bright colours on silk lift the spirits and celebrate traditions, they have many benefits due to the nature of the material. It is no wonder the Chinese tried to keep the production of silk a secret! The fibres of silk are truly remarkable. The proteins in silk are constructed in such a way that they prevent the loss of moisture from our skin. This is extremely good news for skin & hair. If you want to read more about the benefits of silk and more about a silk story click here. If you long for smoother locks and plumper more hydrated skin, then a silk pillow case is definitely worth considering. Silk is also hypoallergenic. It does not attract dust and is a natural fungal repellent.

A healthy Treat
In a world where lots of the normal liberties have been taken away, we are in a position to be grateful for what we can do. We can enjoy the simple things and take more time for self care in the comfort of our own homes. There are few things better than the comfort of a good sleep and waking up with a fresh feeling after sleeping on a silk pillow case. Add some colour to your day and protect your skin from the elements with a silk scarf. Protect your health from bugs with a silk face mask. Silk has been revered by people for thousands of years and for good reason. Go on you deserve a treat. 🙂

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Staycation Style

Cobalt blue silk face mask

Have you emerged from your cocoon feeling a little underwhelmed style wise? Are you feeling a little more like an anxious caterpillar rather than glorious butterfly? Fear not, we are here to help you release that inner gloriousness and make you feel fabulous and safe at the same time. All of this can be achieved at a price you can afford while ‘championing green’ at the same time.

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Be Authentic , Be ‘You’ ( & get Creative!)


Nothing is worth more than this day. This day and you being ‘you’. We all have a magic and creativity inside of us . In a world full of plastic copies and media screaming at us about the need for us to change , just be ‘you’. If you’re lost or unhappy look no further than a mirror . There lies the answer. Be authentic , be ‘you’ and wait and see what happens .

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Autumn Colours

Cuilcagh Mountain View
Autumn Views of Fermanagh and Cavan from the Cuilcagh Mountains

Autumn is upon us and we took a stroll or rather a hike through part of Irelands lesser known North West. We headed in the direction of Cavan town and Derrylin. We then swung left past Florencecourt and ended up in the beautiful Cuilcagh mountains. These wonderful mountains known as Binn Chuilceach in Irish, meaning “chalky peak” straddle the border between Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and Co Cavan in the Republic.
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Bloom in the Phoenix Park and other Adventures

We have been keeping busy here at Meab Enamels all Spring with work and other adventures. Summer has arrived and its time now to prepare for Bloom in the Phoenix Park which has to be one of the best gardening and horticultural shows in Europe. We will be there in the Irish Craft Village for the five days from Thursday the 1st to Monday the 5th of June. We will have a full selection of Meab Enamels Jewellery and Scarves at our stand and We would love to see you there.

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