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Happy New Year from Meab Enamels

Happy new year

Happy New Year from all of us here in Meab Enamels.
The New Year brings with it a whole raft of resolutions and promises. We all know what I’m talking about. Gyms, eat healthier, work harder, work less. The list goes on. We don’t go too mad here at Meab Enamels with this sort of thing. We are just going to try and keep the train moving along nice and smoothly. The business seems to be getting easier thankfully year after year. We are better at what we do and the organisation of all the different aspects of jewellery making is improving all the time. Experience counts for an awful lot and this helps when it comes to making decisions and taking strategic risks in a business. We will endeavour to try and be that little bit better.
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I will arise and go now………

I will arise and go now and go to Innisfree. Well not quite. I won’t be making a visit to the beautiful Lough Gill on this occasion. The wonderful county of Sligo is my destination with its magnificent wind swept beaches and its mythical and majestic mountains. We are very lucky that county Sligo is only one and a half hours away by car from us here in Co Westmeath and I am fortunate to be able visit many times throughout the year.
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