How to choose Silver Bracelets

To look beautiful right down to your fingertips, you have to think about the smallest details. Bracelets are a great choice of jewellery that can enhance your look with a simple gesture.

Looking for a new bracelet to add to your collection? Looking for the finishing touch to your outfit? Consider a silver enamel bracelet.

How to wear a silver bracelet?

Wearing a silver bracelet according to the season

A bracelet is an easy piece of jewellery to wear because it suits any style of clothing, regardless of the season. So you can wear your silver enamel bracelet no matter what you are wearing.

It is often said that the silver colour is more suitable for the winter period. For this, put them over the sleeve or turtleneck of your jumper. It immediately adds a touch of cheerfulness to your whole look.

However, since this model is also adorned with enamel in a colourful design, you can wear it in summer.  Wear  a white dress,  sandals, your silver and enamel bracelet on your wrist and you are ready.

Wearing a silver bracelet with different colours of clothing

The beauty of our enamel  and silver combinations bracelets is that the enamel designs contain several  tones of colour which make them adaptable to wear with lots of different outfits.  Choosing a bright colour contrasting to your outfit can really make a statement such as bright red worn with a green outfit. For a more understated look choose tones of blues, purples, pink and ivory. These colours work very well with denim, navy clothing and all look good with white , cream and pastel tones.

Our silver enamel bracelet collections include colourful designs that may suit you.

When to wear a silver enamel bracelet ?

An enamel  and silver bracelet is a great  ‘ go to  ‘ piece of jewellery to brighten up any occasion. Whether in everyday life, in the evening, during meetings with friends, family or lovers and even at the beach, this bracelet can accompany you without any worries.

Everyday life

Our enamel and silver bracelet can add a pop of colour to every day outfits. Their Torc design is adjustable and comfortable  so it easy  to wear at your desk.

If you want to add other bracelets to create a jewellery overlay, choose simple enough designs to enhance your main bracelet without overdoing it.

Going out in the evening

At parties, you can afford to be a little extravagant when choosing your silver enamel bracelet. Indeed, you can wear a colourful bracelet to these events and make a real statement with your  enamel and silver bracelet, especially the larger design option.

This look can be completed with matching earrings in various sizes depending on the look you want to achieve. An enamel and silver ring to match can complete a stunning evening look.

Meeting with friends, family or lovers

Meeting up with loved ones is a good time to have fun with colour and maybe break a few rules with colour , by matching your bespoke enamel  and silver bracelet with other bright contrasting and complimentary colours. For this kind of occasion, nothing prevents you from being more eccentric, because you are surrounded by caring people.

So you can let loose by wearing more atypical silver enamel bracelets. Have fun with the most cheerful colours and fun prints. You’re sure to stand out and draw attention to your entire outfit.  If you pair the right clothes with it, such as an airy, brightly coloured or printed dress, you’ll get compliments from all over.

On the beach

To look your best on the beach, consider adorning your wrists with silver enamel bracelets.

Our enamel and silver bracelets are adjustable so this is helpful with temperature changes.

In addition to swimwear, your outfit is also important if you want to look trendy on your trips to the sun. To be as comfortable as possible and still look fashionable, nothing beats a white t-shirt and denim shorts or a white dress. The silver enamel bracelet will be the touch that sets you apart from the rest.

Is a bracelet a good gift ?

If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone special, a silver enamel bracelet is a great choice. We don’t think about it often enough, but they are very popular as gifts because they can be worn anywhere and on any occasion.

The designs we offer can suit many people, they are adjustable. so these are perfect choices for a gift. Our enamel and silver bracelets are all presented in a luxury gift box so make a perfect gift.

Accessories to wear with a silver bracelet

It is perfectly possible to combine several pieces of jewellery in the same outfit. However, you need to know how to put them together so that everything can work together. Here are some accessories that you can wear with a silver enamel bracelet.

Silver earrings

As a first accessory, we suggest silver earrings. These are pieces of jewellery that can be worn almost every day and come in several models. In addition, since the two pieces of jewellery, the earrings and the silver enamel bracelet, are quite far apart, there are no rules that have to be followed. You can wear any size of jewellery you like, without it being inappropriate. Choose colours that make your skin tone and that you are drawn to and have fun.

Silver rings 

The second choice is silver rings, which are also suitable for all occasions. Have fun mixing several ring models with your silver enamel bracelet.

Silk scarves

Silk scarves are a hot accessory right now. They add colour and texture to an outfit, no matter how you wear them. For example, we recommend putting a silk scarf around your wrist and layering it with your silver enamel bracelet. This will bring more pizzazz to your outfit.


How to clean a silver bracelet (step by step)

First of all, you should know that silver is a living material. It reacts to its environment, but also to contact with the skin. It is therefore quite normal if one day you see your silver enamel bracelet change colour and lose its shine.

There are several ways to remedy this. You can use old-fashioned tricks like lemon juice, white vinegar, toothpaste or baking soda mixed with warm water. Take one of these and gently rub your bracelet with a cloth or toothbrush. Rinse and dry it immediately after cleaning.

There are also products on the market such as silver buffs or polishing cloths that you can use to shine your bracelets. Take care not to over polish silver plate as it will remove the plating.

Is it advisable to wear gold and silver jewellery at the same time ?

Contrary to popular belief that you can’t mix gold and silver and risk devaluing the gold, you can mix the two metals. And as we said earlier, the trend is to mix several pieces of jewellery of different designs in one look. So you can wear several bracelets or necklaces without it being considered a bad taste.

Can you wear a silver bracelet in the bath or shower ?

No. Water can indeed cause a reaction on a silver bracelet and thus change its colour and shine. In reality, it is the metals used to form its alloy that cannot withstand humidity, because silver, like gold, is very resistant.

However, to avoid this problem, make sure that your silver bracelet is not exposed to too much water. This also applies to chemicals and excessive friction.

How do i choose the right bracelet size ?

Choosing the right bracelet size is important to ensure that the jewellery is worn well and does not cause discomfort to the wrist and hand movement.

To choose the right size, measure your wrist, always leaving a margin so that the bracelet is not too tight. If it is a rigid bracelet, you should also measure the circumference of your hand to ensure that the bracelet fits perfectly.

Our silver enamel bracelets are adjustable and fit all wrist sizes. So you won’t have to worry about it, whether you’re taking it for yourself or giving it to someone.

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