How to choose brooches ?

Originally, brooches were invented to hold clothes together or make them more fitted. Since then, people have found different ways to wear brooches. Each era has a different and trendy way to wear them. The pins have come a long way and are back. Find brooches from us that will enhance your style and at the same time suggestions on how to wear them well.

Are brooches back in fashion ?

History is not short of famous brooch wearers. First reserved for women, men gradually began to integrate the brooch into their style of dress. But for a few years, the brooch has been neglected, because it is considered old fashioned, or only for formal occasions.

But it is making its triumphant return to fashion, as an original accessory, for young gentlemen and ladies. Now sported for all occasions, the brooch is an impressive work of art that enhances your entire look (if worn well of course).

How to wear a brooch ?

Brooches are undeniably one of the most versatile fashion accessories. They are both decorative and functional. While most jewelry can only be worn one way (with bracelets around the wrist and necklaces hanging from the neck), brooches can be placed anywhere on the wearer.

Place a brooch on your collar

Dress up the collar of a blouse, shirt, or shirt dress with a large brooch worn as an embellishment of a top button. If you have two brooches of small sizes, you can pin them to the collar flaps. For those who are a little artistic at heart, do not hesitate to combine several small brooches to create a beautiful ornament on your collar.

Wear a brooch at the waist

Pinning a brooch at the waist can also dress up a plain outfit and give it more sparkle. Placing a brooch strategically at the waist accentuates and flatters the figure while adding a chic, dressy touch to an otherwise simple dress.

Place a pin on the lapel of your suit jacket

Brooches are traditionally worn on the lapel of jackets and coats. Wearing a brooch on the lapel of a coat or blazer is not only easy to position, but also produces a sophisticated effect. Just attach it to the left lapel of the jacket.

Hold your scarf with a pin

Scarves are definitely a fashion staple, especially during the cold fall and winter months. Securing the ends of your scarf with a brooch is perhaps the easiest way to wear it! Not only does it help hold the scarf in place, but an attractive brooch adds sophistication to the whole look. Without the need for fancy knots or elaborate twists, pinning a brooch to the side or center depending on your preference, will hold the scarf securely in place around the neck and give your outfit that extra sparkle.

Which color should you choose for your brooch ?

There is no particular rule for choosing the color of your brooch. Just make sure it goes well with the garment you want to attach it to. The best way to choose your brooch is to respect the theory of assortment and colors. Make choices, have fun testing different brooches with your wardrobe.

With what clothes can i wear a brooch ?

You can wear a brooch with almost anything. Traditionally with blazers and suit jackets, but also coats, a tuxedo, a dress or directly on your sweater or your shirt.

You can combine your brooch with other accessories, such as earrings or cufflinks. It adds an extra layer of sophistication to your outfit.

When should you wear a brooch ?

In the past, brooches were usually worn at formal events, but today there are no hard and fast rules for when to wear brooches.

A well-chosen and discreet brooch can be the perfect complement to your work clothes, to give them a little sparkle and color. Avoid big, garish brooches that wouldn’t look out of place in the office.

For a girls night out or if you are going to a party, a colorful brooch can add a splash of color and draw the eye to your brooch. It can be the focal point of your outfit.

Some people like to wear brooches on a casual occasion and it can be fun and quirky. Pin a stylish brooch on your t-shirt or sweater. Just make sure that the design of the garment is not so busy or choppy that the brooch gets lost in it. A brooch is best pinned to a solid color garment.

For a formal event, a brooch can be the perfect addition to your hairstyle or clothing. It can add sparkle, luxury and sophistication and enhance your look.

How to put a brooch on a dress ?

The brooch is a perfect accessory for any dress. For example, for a more feminine look, accessorize your little dress with an enamel brooch, placed strategically.

If your dress is too big, just gather the excess fabric at the back (for example at the bust) and pin it with the brooch.

On which side a woman need to wear a brooch ?

As a rule, brooches are worn on the left side. However, many cultures have different customs and traditions when it comes to wearing brooches in general.

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