How to choose gold earrings ?

If you want to perfect your look, then nothing should be left out.  Jewellery and more specifically  gold earrings are necessary to complete your outfit.Read More…

If you’re not sure which earrings to go for, try gold earrings.  Meabenamels gives you some tips so that you can choose the ones that will suit you.

How to choose our gold earrings ?

To choose our gold earrings, you must consider several aspects: the shape of the earrings, your complexion or the colour of your hair.  The colour of your clothes as well as the events in which you participate can also be decisive criteria.  Let’s see how you can make this choice.

The shape of the earrings

Round-shaped gold and enamel earrings, like the ones we offer, are suitable for most people. Round earrings suit most people and soften features.

The challenge lies mainly in the size of these.  If you have more imposing features, you have to counterbalance with more subtle earrings.  And if, on the contrary, you have fine features, you can afford more daring sizes.

The goal is to enhance your look by bringing harmony to your silhouette, as when you choose the rest of your outfits.

Complimenting your skin tone

You can also choose the colour of your enamel earrings according to your skin tone.  Indeed, some colors may suit one complexion, but not another.  Take this into account when you choose your earrings and you will see the result.  Don’t worry, we will guide you through this process.

People with a fair complexion

People with a fair complexion

If you fall into this category, choose softer, even cold colors. These will give radiance to your complexion by bringing a touch of cheerfulness to your look, without weighing it down.

Colors such as lavender, pink, blues and anything pastel will suit you perfectly.  And if you tend to blush, go for greenish colors, as these are complementary to this type of skin and reduce redness.

People with warmer/darker skin tones

If you have dull, warmer or darker skin tones, choose colors that bring light to your skin tone.  You are in luck, because all colors can suit you.

However, we advise you to turn to gold and enamel earrings in green, red or yellow colors.  These highlight your skin color and match any style of dress.

Complimenting your hair colour

Hair colour, like skin colour, can also determine the colour of earrings you should choose.  You should know that gold earrings are suitable for any hair colour.  So all you have to do is know the colour of the enamel part so as not to make a mistake.

If you have black hair, opt for orange colors so that these can reflect the light on your scalp.  For brunettes, give preference to gold and enamel earrings in pastel colors.  Red, black and all shades of blue are the most suitable colors for blondes.  The latter must avoid yellowish colors that clash with the color of their hair.  As for redheads, green is the ideal colour for them.

Matching the colour of your clothes

Gold and enamel earrings can provide the finishing touch that makes your outfit.  Always keep in mind that a certain balance must be respected to properly compose a look.  So, before choosing the color of earrings, think about the color of the clothes you are going to pair them with.

If you wear a rather neutral coloured outfit, you can afford more colourful pairs.  If, on the contrary, your outfit is quite extravagant, take more sober colors such as black, white or beige.

For events (weddings, parties, meetings)

Milestones are the times when you can have fun on your jewellery and especially with the earrings you wear.  You can afford to splurge a little during these times, but be careful not to overdo it or you risk overdoing it.

For example, at a wedding, opt for gold and enamel earrings in an elegant colour so that they are in perfect harmony with the rest of your outfit.  For the evenings, you can totally express yourself by allowing yourself more festive and extravagant colors.

On the other hand, for a meeting, favour  discreet colors so that neither you nor the person in front of you are distracted.  However, it is still important not to neglect it, because it can help you stand out.

FAQs : 

Will gold plated earring tarnish ?

First of all, gold-plated earrings are jewellery made from a base metal (copper, brass, etc.) which will then be covered with thin layers of gold.  This process makes it possible to obtain beautiful earrings at a much more affordable price.

Since it is a thin layer of gold, these can indeed tarnish over time.  However, the speed at which earrings reach this stage depends on the thickness of the gold layer, but also on how you maintain your jewelry.

If this happens, you can take them back to a jeweller who offers this kind of service, and your earrings will regain their shine.

Do gold plated earrings turn green ?

Over time and depending on the condition in which they are worn, gold-plated earrings can turn green.  The thin layer of gold that covers the earrings becomes thinner over time and reveals the metal underneath, causing a reaction when it comes into contact with the skin.

To avoid this as much as possible, protect your gold-plated earrings with transparent nail polish.  Also if you can avoid wearing them in the shower, in the sea or in the swimming pool.  Put on your perfumes and beauty products on before adorning yourself with your most beautiful earrings.

And if you see this happening, clean your earrings to restore their shine.

Are gold plated earrings hypoallergenic ?

The most commonly used base metal in making gold plated earrings is brass.  This metal is very popular thanks to its many qualities, including the fact that it is hypoallergenic.  It also has the quality of being very resistant and endowed with a brilliant color making the jewels even more beautiful.

In addition, all gold-plated jewellery, including earrings, produced in Europe must comply with very strict legislation to guarantee the health of the people who wear them.

How to clean gold earrings ? (step by step)

In order for your earrings to keep their initial appearance, they must be cleaned regularly.  This serves to remove the dirt and oxidation that has settled, but also to restore its shine.

To do this, you have the choice between several mixtures:

  •  Warm water that you mix with baking soda;
  •  White vinegar with lukewarm water too;
  •  Or lemon juice.
  •  Take a soft cloth or cotton swab, gently rub your earrings with the preparation, rinse your jewellery and dry them immediately.
  •  Once the cleaning is done, you can put a coat of clear varnish to avoid contact with the skin and the external environment.

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