How to wear silk scarves ?

Silk Scarves

The design for our 100% silk scarves was originally created using Meab’s bespoke ‘Open Fired’ enamelling method. The fabulous colours in the design is first created by melting glass enamel on to copper.
The silk scarf is one of the essential and timeless pieces of the wardrobe. It adapts to all occasions, whatever the style you adopt. Are you about to fall in love with a model or do you want to expand your collection? Here are some tips to help you enhance your outfits with a silk scarf.

How to wear a silk scarf ?

There are many ways to enhance your look with a silk scarf. No matter what shape scarf you have, there is always a way to incorporate it.

How to wear a square silk scarf ?

The square silk scarf is probably the most common shape on the market. It can be found on almost every look to give an elegant or extravagant touch.

Indeed, it can be wrapped around the neck to bring a touch of colour and sophistication to a sober outfit. It can be used as a bustier or as a hair accessory to completely break the codes and stay on top of the trend. What is sure is that you will not go unnoticed when you wear your silk scarf.

And if you want to have an unusual hairstyle, consider adding a kerchief in your hair.

How to wear a long silk scarf ?

If your choice is a long silk scarf, don’t worry, you can also wear it in many ways. Thanks to the shape, it can be worn like a neck scarf, simply by wrapping it around your neck. This will immediately brighten up the rest of your outfit.

Using a silk scarf as a belt over jeans is also a great idea if you want to go bohemian chic. All you need is the boots and the straw hat and you’re done.

How to wear a large silk scarf ?

Large silk scarves offer even more ways to wear it differently. With this size, you can put it on your neck, over your shoulders or even as a top.

If you want to wear your scarf like a scarf, just place it roughly on your neck. It will bring a touch of lightness, especially if you opt for rather oversized or very strict clothes. It also blends in perfectly with a spring look by placing it gently over your shoulders like a shawl. Plus, you can turn a large silk scarf into several different top designs.

Can we wear a silk scarf in winter ?

Beyond its beauty, silk has a very interesting characteristic which is its thermoregulatory property. Indeed, this material brings coolness when it is hot and warmth when it is cold.

So, despite the fact that it is known as an essential accessory in spring-summer, the silk scarf has its place in winter. It will keep you warm if you put it around your neck while adding some glamour to your outfit.

No matter what you wear, you can always add your scarf as you like. You can put it over your turtleneck, underneath your sweater with a little bit of it showing, or underneath the collar of your coat.

How to tie a silk scarf ?

There are a thousand and one techniques for tying your silk scarf, whether it’s on your neck, on your head, as an accessory or as an outfit. Here are some of the tips that will change the way you wear your silk scarf.

Tying a scarf arround the neck

How you tie a silk scarf around your neck depends on the style you want to adopt. If you want to go beyond the usual rough wrapping of your scarf, here are two easy techniques to replicate:

Take two opposite ends of your silk scarf to form a triangle. Then, roll it towards the tip to make a more or less thin strip.  If you choose a rectangle scarf, you can skip the previous steps. Place the scarf on your neck holding both ends and tie it in a loop.

Repeat the first two steps above to make a band. Wrap the silk scarf around your neck twice so that both ends are level with your chest. Take the wrapped part over your neck, twist it and insert both ends inside the hole formed by the twist.

Tie a scarf on your head

If you are going to wear your silk scarf as head accessory, here are some tips on how to do it :

Wear it like a bandana by forming a triangle, then placing the pointed part towards the back of your head and finally, knotting the other two ends by joining the point.

You can also use a silk scarf to tie your hair. To do this, make a ponytail, take your small scarf and wrap it around the base of the tail. Tie the scarf so that your hairstyle doesn’t come undone. You can wrap the scarf around itself or just take it as it is.

You also have the option of incorporating it into your braids, simple or glued to bring more style to your hairstyle.

Turn your scarf into an outfit or an accessory

The silk scarf can be found everywhere on a look. You can, for example, use it as a belt by tying it in several different ways. You can also use it as a bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist and tying a simple knot. You can even wrap it around the handle of your bag to cover it completely or simply let it hang over the end of the handle.

As far as how to wear a scarf as an outfit, here are some interesting and simple ideas:

Take a scarf by the ends, wrap it from your back so that the ends meet in the front. Then, tie the scarf between your breasts to make a little strapless top.

You can also take two adjacent ends of a large silk scarf, twist the two ends to meet your neck, then tie it.

How to wash a silk scarf ?

Silk can be quite fragile if you are not careful about how you care for it. When washing your silk scarf, make sure that the products you use are free of bleach, detergent, soap and washing powder. Do not rub your silk scarf frantically as this can damage it.

You can also put it in the washing machine, as long as you place it in a protective net and set the temperature below 30 degrees.

When you go to dry your scarf, make sure that the place where you lay it out is away from sunlight and heating points.

How to iron a silk scarf ?

You can iron a silk scarf, but you have to take precautions not to dry out the fabric. So if you want to smooth out your scarf by ironing it, put a damp cloth over it. You can also not dry it completely before ironing.

If you don’t want to take this risk, you can simply dry your silk scarf on a flat surface and smooth it out with your hands. This will smooth it out without using heat.

Now that you know how to wear and care for a silk scarf, you can incorporate it into your closet without any worries and become a fan of this style.

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