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Jewellery from ireland

We feel truly blessed to live in such a beautiful country.  Ireland has a diverse range of landscapes which inspire the crafting of our jewellery. The colours of this land are constantly changing . One day can see four seasons which is reflected in the colours of the landscape and its horizons. One moment the sky can be a vibrant blue and within minutes this bright blue is embelished with steely grey coloured clouds,  such is the transience of natures colour upon this inspirational isle.


As you travel through the country vibrant greens light up the landscape and then moments later darker tones of greens , browns and purple emerge. It is this land with its vibrant colours and beauty that inspire our jewellery designs.

Why is it important to wear jewellery?

The tradition of wearing jewellery is imbued in our DNA. The jewellery you wear is an expression of who you are.  Wearing jewellery has the power to lift one’s mood. It can make you stand out from the crowd.  The wearing of colourful jewellery can upgrade a look from average to stunning. Stand out from the crowd, lift the look of an outfit and feel  amazing by wearing colourful unique jewellery.

There are lots of options in which you can focus attention and create glamour with jewellery. For example, if you want to highlight the part of your face, opt for gold and silver earrings or even necklaces. If you want to wear jewellery in a more subtle way, bracelets will be your best friends. You can also accessorize your tops with brooches or cufflinks, this will enhance them even more.

We have lots of options with colours , sizes and material in our collection. Each enamel design has been individually fired so each design is unique.   The piece you choose will be individual to you. We have colours for every season and many items of our collection will match a multitude of outfits.

Our Jewellery Collections.

We have lots of choices with our collection to suit every budget and taste. Our lightweight enamel earrings collection are available with silver,  gold and surgical steel ear wires. These  can be matched with our gold and silver pendant, ring and bracelet collection. There are no particular rules in matching these collections.  We have earrings available in various shapes and sizes to suit every taste and face shape. A pair of our larger earrings can be complimented by a ring to complete an outfit.  Earrings and a matching pendant in gold can have a glamorous impactful look.

Adjustable Rings , Gold & Silver .

Our rings add the prefect dash of colour to any outfit. They are comfortable and easy to wear, so can be worn casually or to add glamour to and evening outfit.

Rings can also be a great gift option for a friend or loved one. The gift of a ring is not only a symbol of love but also of friendship. The gift of a design that is unique is something which people greatly appreciate. It is something which we are inspired by as we craft each design.


Brooches have been jewels of excellence since the dawn of time. Brooches are now making a comeback.  Transform a lapel or jumper by adorning it with the traditional symbol of grandeur and status that is the iconic brooch.  Our brooch designs all include a variety of colour, they can be worn  as standalone pieces. Be eye catching  and transform an outfit with a Meab brooch.

The brooches’ ancestor was the ‘ fibula’  which was initially worn by men, nowadays brooches are  mainly worn by women. Although there are no rules in this regard. Indeed, celebrities such as Antonio Banderas have brought back the trend of men wearing brooches.

Women and men can stand out  from the crowd and sport a very sharp look with a colourful brooch. Show off your personality and have fun.

You can wear a brooch on any type of  top, whether it’s a sweater, shirt or jacket. In this case, it is generally placed at chest level or on the collar if the garment allows it. You can also put it on a hat if you want.

Bracelets (gold and silver)

We have adjustable bracelets to suit every size and shape.  The torc design and adjustability makes them easy to wear and a great gift. Both simple and elegant, they  bring a touch of originality thanks to the pattern present on the enamel. The enamel design centre pieces are set off by the silver and gold settings.

Bracelets are timeless pieces that can be worn both casually and for more dressy occasions.

They can be worn individually or, even better, layered with other models to be in the trends of the moment. Whichever side you decide to put it on, right or left, they will certainly add an air of elegance to any look.


Accessorizing outfits and wearing jewellery isn’t just for women.  Don’t worry gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten you, because we have the perfect accessory for you.

Cufflinks make all the difference to a man’s outfit. Indeed, they reflect the charm and charisma of the person who wears them while being the symbol of absolute class.

Our models of cufflinks embody the elegance of a distinguished man while adding a touch of colour and fun to an outfit. Our enamel cufflinks can add the perfect dash of colour to a plain shirt. They can also be matched with a similar colour in a tie or pocket square.


Our enamel designs can look particularly eye catching in form of a necklace.  Our necklace collection is available in both silver and gold plated settings. The pendant settings  perfectly highlight the highlight the colours of the enamel design. We use simple and elegant link chains for our necklaces. The links in these chains can used to adjust the length of the necklace.

A necklace is the perfect  accessory if you want to highlight your head, your neck and your neckline. They also help to enhance the style of the top you are wearing.

As a gift, the necklace remains a safe bet if you want to impress a loved one.

The Jewellery Story

The tradition of jewellery making in Ireland is an ancient one.  Indeed,  the art of enamelling goes back thousands of years. Art  and the art of making jewellery is a important part of our culture and tradition. Celtic designs from ancient times have inspired us in our designs. We create designs with colour but they have a Celtic twist. The colour and vibrancy of our collection is also inspired by a colourful and friendly nation.

Ireland’s inspiration is as rich in its people as it is in it’s beautiful landscape. Each piece is individual and has its own story. We hope that this colourful and rich inspiration transcends itself into every unique piece that we have crafted for you.

Some tips for better wearing jewellery

  • Choose your jewellery according to your shape face and figure. If it’s a necklace, consider the look of your neck. Consider your face shape and haircut if it comes to earrings. For rings, take the ones that suit you best and bracelets should fit your wrists. The goal is always to counterbalance in order to bring a certain balance to your silhouette.
  • Take jewellery whose colour matches your skin tone and the colour of your hair. If you are quite pale, choose more muted tone. Those with darker skin tones can look stunning in bolder brighter colours.
  • Current trends are promoting the wearing of bold colour. The old adage of blue and green should never be seen and mixing tones of colour is now outdated. Feel free to express yourself with colours that compliment your outfit and mood.

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