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Mulberry silk pillow cases

Silk Pillowcases

100% Mulberry silk pillow cases. Treat your skin , hair and mind to the comfort of silk. Once you start to use a silk pillow you won’t look back.

Do you want to change your pillowcase? However, you don’t know which type of fabric to choose? Then we advise you to choose silk.

How to choose a silk pillowcase?

To choose the right silk pillowcase, you need to consider several aspects: the type of silk, the materials that make up the fabric and its density.

The type of silk

There are several types of silk, but the most suitable for making a pillowcase is mulberry silk. This type of silk, made from a farm of silkworms fed exclusively on mulberry leaves, offers many advantages. It is of unparalleled quality and has an excellent soft feel, not to mention its shine and natural white colour.

Other types of silk are also used to make pillowcases, including wild silk and synthetic silk. When buying, be sure to check this so as not to be misled.


There are many different materials used to make a silk fabric. For example, a synthetic silk is made mostly of polyester.

Similarly, during the weaving process, some manufacturers may add other fibres, which is sometimes the case in satin pillowcases.

The best option when buying a silk pillowcase is to choose one that is 100% silk. Silk is more resistant and lasts much longer while keeping its beauty and virtues.

The density of silk

Unlike other types of fabric, the quality of a silk is determined by its weight and thickness, but not by the number of threads. Indeed, even if two silk fabrics contain the same number of threads, their qualities may differ.

The unit of measurement used to assess silk fabrics is the momme, which gives its density per metre. This density can be between 9 and 30 mum, depending on the product being made. Generally, the density of a silk pillowcase is between 19 and 25 mum.

How to care for your pillowcase?

To preserve the quality of your silk pillowcase and to ensure that it lasts for many years, care should be taken when washing.

A silk pillowcase can be put in the washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees and using a protective net. However, it is better to wash it by hand without letting it sit in water and without rubbing it too much. Detergents and bleaching products should also be avoided when it comes to silk. The same applies to soaps and washing powders, as these can damage the fabric by drying it out. We advise you to use products specially designed for silk.

Drying should ideally be done in the open air and away from the sun, otherwise the silk will harden.

You can iron your silk pillowcase while it is not completely dry. To do this, turn it inside out and set your iron to a low temperature. However, by drying it flat on a towel and smoothing it with your hand, you skip the ironing step.

What are the advantages of a silk pillowcase?

Silk is considered a noble fabric, but in addition to its beauty, it offers several benefits.

Soft to the touch

Silk offers an unparalleled sensory experience. You will feel as if your head is on a cloud when using a silk pillowcase. The quality of your sleep will be so much improved that you will not want to choose other fabrics in the future.

Reduces allergies

A silk pillowcase has natural hypoallergenic properties, especially when it is a 100% silk fabric. Anything that can cause allergies such as bacteria, mould, fungus and dust mites do not remain on this material. For people who are prone to these problems, silk is the best solution.

Keeps the skin fresh

Silk also helps to regulate our body temperature. So you will feel warm when the temperature is low and cooler when it is high. For those who have a problem with night sweats or sensitive skin, a silk pillowcase is your best friend.

Silk does not absorb night creams on the face

The proteins in silk fibre mean that it does not absorb the skin care products you apply to your face. Your creams can therefore work throughout your sleep. Silk also contains amino acids that help keep your skin moisturised and reduce the appearance of wrinkles at the same time.

Silk does not damage hair

Because a silk pillowcase is soft and has many benefits, it is highly recommended for keeping your hair healthy. Indeed, since your hair slides on the pillow, breakage is reduced to a minimum and split ends are almost non-existent. In addition, your hair will keep its shine and softness.

Frequently asked questions What is the difference between a silk pillowcase and a satin pillowcase?

Satin actually refers to the way the fabric is woven, not the material. You can find silk satin pillowcases, but also other materials such as cotton or polyester, so pay attention to that.

A real silk pillowcase is made of 100% silk. To differentiate between the two, check the shine, as satin is shinier. Water is absorbed directly by a silk pillowcase, whereas it tends to slide off a satin one.

What is the best silk ‘Momme’?

The density of a silk pillowcase is generally between 19 momme and 25 momme. However, for the best quality, durability and comfort, it is best to choose a pillowcase with a density of 22 mum or more. These contain more silk per metre of fabric than those below this density.

Are silk pillowcases good for the skin?

A silk pillowcase has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. It also contains many proteins and amino acids. All of this means that this type of fabric helps to moisturise the skin. As a result, the appearance of wrinkles is delayed and the skin is softer. For people with oily, sensitive or blemished skin, it is strongly recommended to use a silk pillowcase.

Do silk pillowcases protect the hair?

Silk pillowcases do not absorb moisture from your hair, as they do from your face. It also prevents your hair from tangling, thanks to its softness and its ability to avoid static electricity. So your hair will be protected and better nourished. Your hairstyle will also last longer by opting for a silk pillowcase.

In this ar, we will give you some criteria to take into account when choosing a silk pillowcase as well as the benefits that this material provides.

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