Creative Reaction……

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Before The ‘Never Before’…..

It is a cold day in February and there are reports on the news about the virus that started in Wuhan. It is now in Italy. It is spreading. But that’s Italy and it’s not here. It’s not coming here, or is it? 

A ‘Never Before ‘ Situation….

Yes it has arrived here and it’s everywhere. Denial hasn’t stopped it. Neither has borders or the Irish sea or the luck of the Irish. So we have filled our cupboards and our bellies and half the country has baked banana bread and the other half is on the beer. We have had to adjust like never before.  We have watched the news like never before and washed our hands like never before and now we have to accept a ‘never before’ situation for our generation. It has all been a complete head wreck hasn’t it? How will we or can we keep our sanity with this colossal ‘never before’ situation that has taken over the world.

A ‘Never Before’ Reaction….

This ‘never before’ situation is really tough. I do however sense that there is a phoenix rising from of our blurry, slightly unmotivated, banana bread and beer filled bodies. An urge to do things we thought we would never do! Knit that jumper. Paint that picture. Paint the house. Plant vegetables. Bring out the Picasso in the children! The truth is that great ‘Creativeness’ results from ‘Never Before Situations’. This great creativeness isn’t restricted to the Shakespeare’s or Picasso’s among us. Greatness is in all of us.

Creative Connections….

It was a stroke of luck that allowed me to be part of the craft sector. I am very grateful for the connections and the life Meab Enamels has given me. It is like I have always been kind of isolated and forced to be creative to get by! It was just myself and my Mother Meab for years so this relative isolation forces you to appreciate the escape into your art and even more importantly – the priceless value of connections!

A Creative Reaction….. A Lust For Life…

It is from this priceless group of connections that project ‘CREATIVE REACTION’ has been born. Me (& The Meab Enamels team) and some of my colleagues in the creative world are collaborating for a ‘Creative Reaction Exhibition’ in November!  It is a celebration to the power of the creative arts. How creativity can help keep your head right and even give you a greater ‘Lust for Life’. As part of this project we want to promote the importance of mental health and a significant donation from the exhibition will go towards the mental health Charity ‘Lust for Life‘.

We would love you to spread the word and join us on the journey.

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