How to wear a scarf ?

The scarf is an accessory that easily adapts to all types of styles. It is an essential part of any wardrobe worthy of the name. Very versatile, it can be worn in different ways. Depending on how to wear a scarf, it can be classic, elegant, chic, refined or sophisticated.

How to wear a large scarf ?

The large scarf can be worn in many different ways. To keep it simple and elegant, you can wrap it several times around the neck, letting it hang down on each side. If it is square, fold the square in half to make a triangle. Then, fold down a few inches on the fold side and place the tip in front or behind by tying it.

How to wear a scarf as a top ?

The scarf as a top allows you to reinforce your seduction. To wear it, you can put on a two-piece swimsuit and tie the scarf behind your back. You can also tie it in front of your chest to emphasize it or around your waist.

How to wear a scarf with a coat ?

Usually with a coat, the scarf is worn around the neck. Choose a long scarf and tie it several times around the neck. For more elegance, prefer an oversized coat and narrower pants.

How to wear a silk scarf ?

For a casual chic look, you should tie your silk scarf around your neck like a tie. However, if you want to appear more sophisticated, you can tie it sideways or cowboy style.

How to wear a scarf in your hair?

There are dozens of ways to tie a scarf in your hair. You can tie it in a headband, a bandana or a headband. Much more fashionable nowadays, you can also wear your scarf in the African way.

How to wear a scarf around the neck?

For the classic and timeless side, the scarf around the neck is the ideal choice. At this level you can opt for a long scarf and wrap it around the neck or a square scarf that you will tie. You can tie it in a tie, stewardess style or with a square knot.

How to wear a scarf as a headband ?

Fold the scarf once into a triangle and then a second time to make a headband. Then place the scarf on the back of your head and tie a double knot in the back.

How to wear a scarf with a suit ?

With a suit, you have the option of wearing your scarf in a drape, reverse drape or around the neck. For the drape, you just drape the scarf over your shoulders so that it hangs on either side.

How to wear a scarf with a jacket ?

You can tie the scarf and place it in a pocket or wear the scarf as a man’s belt to show off your personality. For a rock style, you can tie the scarf on the wrist.

How to wear a scarf as a belt ?

You have a lot of choices. You can tie your scarf in the loops of the pants or tie it around the waist on a dress. This method will allow you to emphasize your silhouette.

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