7 ways to say I love you in Irish gaelic

There are some incredibly creative ways to express your love for someone special in Irish. However, none of the following phrases mean “I love you” directly, because the Irish prefer indirect methods of communication. These phrases will impress your lover even if it’s not direct. 

1. Mo Anam Cara

The ancient Celts believed that the soul of the body sprang from it. They believed that if two people maintained a strong friendship, their souls would merge. In other words, each person discovers his or her “anam cara,” or “soul buddy.”

The Celts believed that when two souls came into spiritual contact, a meaningful bond was created. In other words, they believed that if two people formed a deep relationship, their souls would merge and become one.

They believed that each soul emanated from the body. They emanate energy and light like an aura. They also believed that when two people met and faced each other sincerely with transparency and openness, their souls would flow together and become each other’s Anam Cara.

A person’s soul accepts and admires a person for who he or she is, both the good and the bad. But to benefit from this relationship, one must first recognize one’s own beauty and lightness.

2. A chuisle mo chroí

This is your spouse or girlfriend’s nickname in the regional dialect. The expression literally means ‘my pulse’, but it really means that the other person is the pulse of life and the reason for your existence.

You may recognise it from the movie Million Dollar Baby. To some people, the literal translation “my heartbeat” or “my pulse” may seem a little anatomical. But the comment will undoubtedly resonate with anyone whose heart has ever pounded at the sight of their loved one.

The expression can be used to refer to a woman in the family, such as your wife or daughter. It can be a good name for your lover. The phrase “mo cuishle” actually refers to someone who is “the pulse of your heart” and makes you want to live.

3. Grá go Deo

The Irish language contains some of the most beautiful expressions of love in the world. This traditional Irish love expression has been used by lovers and partners to say goodbye for centuries.

As a greeting, it has gained worldwide popularity and recognition. Grá Go Deo – “Eternal Love” is currently being translated into Slovak.

Even if you are not present, a Gra Go Deo ring is the perfect way to express unwavering love and affection.

4. Tá mo chroí istigh ionat

My heart is in you (a beautiful Irish way of saying “I love you”). Say this to your loved one on Valentine’s Day to make him or her feel extra special. My heart is in you is an accurate English translation, although “Your heart is extremely dear to me” may be a more realistic translation. 


The term, which in its literal translation means “my treasure,” is sometimes used to mean “my beloved.” This phrase appears in the famous Irish folk song A Stór Mo Chro (Treasure of my heart). When Irish emigration was at its peak, Brian O’Higgins (1882-1963) wrote this romantic song, which quickly gained popularity as an emigration song. 


This expression means “Beautiful Heart.”


Replace “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” with “Kiss Me” in Irish this Valentine’s Day! This phrase simply means “Give me a kiss”.

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