Mother’s day gifts

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and is a day to make an extra effort to acknowledge and appreciate the role of mothers in our lives.


Often this day is extended to all mother figures (mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and mothers-in-law). It is the perfect day to give a gift to your mother to symbolically show your appreciation. Before we think about gift choices for Mother’s Day, let’s discover together the origins of this commemoration.

The origins of Mother’s Day in Ireland

Mother’s Day dates back to medieval times. Children from low-income families were sent to work as servants and apprentices in wealthy homes. Each year, in the middle of Lent, the children had a day to visit their ‘Mother Church’ and worship the Virgin Mary as the Mother of Christ.

Afterwards, they would visit their mothers and give them hand-picked flowers. The practice was no longer practiced by the late 1700s, but was revived in the United States after World War II.

It is celebrated in much the same way today with flowers, gifts and a special meal.

When do the irish celebrate Mother’s Day ?

In Ireland, Mother’s Day is not celebrated in May like in other countries. The Irish celebrate it in March on Mother’s Sunday.  The Irish remain true to the history of the custom by celebrating Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent. While in the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Why is Mother’s Day is still celebrated today?

Today, Mother’s Day in Ireland has modernised and is celebrated in the same way as in the USA with flowers, gifts and special meals. It is a special day when children take care of their mothers, trying to make them happy. As a result, everyone celebrates in their own way. However, many Irish people still stick to traditions.  Traditionally in Ireland, Mother’s Day goes like this:

– Her beloved children take care of her all the day and prepare the best meals for her

-They bring her beautiful flowers, as the old hymn says, “Bring the finest flowers, bring the rarest flowers”.

– The mother is allowed to choose her favourite restaurant, (so not a surprise meal like for her birthday)

– If there are young babies involved, Dad takes over the nappy chores etc.

– In the past, a trip to the “movies” was considered a great pleasure.

– Mothers often gather over coffee for a good old-fashioned gossip

– Children are dressed in Sunday best.

What are the best gifts to give on Mother’s Day ?

It’s not always easy to find a gift for Mother’s Day. After all, what do you get for the woman who can do anything? When in doubt, opt for a nice piece of sentimental jewellery.


Earrings make a beautiful and memorable gift. A carefully chosen pair of earrings speaks from the heart and can make your beloved mother feel truly appreciated. The best earrings for a gift are those that show you have put some thought into the purchase. So, just look to mum’s favourite earrings for inspiration when choosing your gift.


Looking for the perfect gift for the next Mother’s Day? Mums will be delighted to receive a personalised bracelet for Mother’s Day. For example, a metal bracelet with Mom’s initials or name on it is sure to show your affection. For mums who like to be original, a homemade bracelet could be a hit.

A necklace

For a successful Mother’s Day, give mums a personalized Mother’s Day necklace. This is a unique gift that will make mothers’ hearts beat faster. As a Mother’s Day gift, the necklace, if personalised, will be full of emotion and will become a true amulet of happiness that your mother will appreciate.


Receiving a scarf is first of all a great pleasure. The scarf is a personal gift, which is not without meaning, because it means above all that you want to protect and care for your mother. The scarf is a timeless fashion accessory that can be worn for all occasions. Natural materials such as silk are preferred for special gifts.

Hair accessories

Is Mum a hair accessories fan? Does she change her hair colour every season? If she’s never afraid to try out the latest hair trends, then one of the first Mother’s Day gift ideas to give her is a hair accessory. From scrunchies to hairbands, there is a wide range of hair accessories you can give her. The choice of gift can be based on her needs or her hair style. But when in doubt, a mother’s day gift box will be the perfect gift.