Be Authentic , Be ‘You’ ( & get Creative!)


Nothing is worth more than this day. This day and you being ‘you’. We all have a magic and creativity inside of us . In a world full of plastic copies and media screaming at us about the need for us to change , just be ‘you’. If you’re lost or unhappy look no further than a mirror . There lies the answer. Be authentic , be ‘you’ and wait and see what happens .

Am I Serious ?

Yes I am serious . Who wants to be a ‘ wanna be’ ? There are more of us on the planet than ever before . We can find information about anyone or anything in seconds. So why do so many people feel lost or alone ? Lost souls drowning in a sea of information. We are being bombarded by a digital army , drilling us with ways to change .

Change your Mindset and Get Creative……

Ok , let’s keep it simple . Close the mental door on the external attack. De clutter your mind of the wounding expectations of others and society . Your ammunition will be a simpler and much happier way . Choose how you think about things . 100% of our feeling is arising from our thought in the moment. This is your choice . Life is not a set of circumstances that you were born in to. Life is what we make it or should I say what we choose to think about it .


Think you can and you’re half way there . It is the year 2000. I am siting in a classroom in Carlow IT. I am attending a very short course about starting your own business . At the time I was studying human physiology . It was a good course but not really ‘me’. Up to this point I had sold some Meab pieces on handmade display cards . I had spent a summer in the Wild West of Ireland selling jewellery . I loved it and knew it was more ‘me’ . I ditched the physiology. I started my creative journey and it’s still going ……

Autumn Colours

Cuilcagh Mountain View
Autumn Views of Fermanagh and Cavan from the Cuilcagh Mountains

Autumn is upon us and we took a stroll or rather a hike through part of Irelands lesser known North West. We headed in the direction of Cavan town and Derrylin. We then swung left past Florencecourt and ended up in the beautiful Cuilcagh mountains. These wonderful mountains known as Binn Chuilceach in Irish, meaning “chalky peak” straddle the border between Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and Co Cavan in the Republic.
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Bloom in the Phoenix Park and other Adventures

We have been keeping busy here at Meab Enamels all Spring with work and other adventures. Summer has arrived and its time now to prepare for Bloom in the Phoenix Park which has to be one of the best gardening and horticultural shows in Europe. We will be there in the Irish Craft Village for the five days from Thursday the 1st to Monday the 5th of June. We will have a full selection of Meab Enamels Jewellery and Scarves at our stand and We would love to see you there.

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Happy New Year from Meab Enamels

Happy New Year from all of us here in Meab Enamels.
The New Year brings with it a whole raft of resolutions and promises. We all know what I’m talking about. Gyms, eat healthier, work harder, work less. The list goes on. We don’t go too mad here at Meab Enamels with this sort of thing. We are just going to try and keep the train moving along nice and smoothly. The business seems to be getting easier thankfully year after year. We are better at what we do and the organisation of all the different aspects of jewellery making is improving all the time. Experience counts for an awful lot and this helps when it comes to making decisions and taking strategic risks in a business. We will endeavour to try and be that little bit better.
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I will arise and go now………

I will arise and go now and go to Innisfree. Well not quite. I won’t be making a visit to the beautiful Lough Gill on this occasion. The wonderful county of Sligo is my destination with its magnificent wind swept beaches and its mythical and majestic mountains. We are very lucky that county Sligo is only one and a half hours away by car from us here in Co Westmeath and I am fortunate to be able visit many times throughout the year.
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